About Academics

We accepts children from pre-school up to grade 6.We teach a Cameroon national curriculum with an additional focus on International curriculum. Class sizes are limited to 15 per class. Each class is entitled to an assisting teacher. We operate an English subsystem whereby lessons are taught in English language, French subsystem whereby lessons are taught in the French Language and a bilingual System whereby lessons are taught in both languages with respect to the programs of their subsystems.

We also use Innovative, adapted and personalized educational approach (Montessori)
Children with learning difficulties benefit from enhanced academic support.

What makes us your best educational partner

  • We are a school with an international vocation. We are in partnership with some renowned international schools in Cameroon.
  • We have a blend of international methodology incorporated in our national program. This enables our pupils to carry out international assessment programs.
  • Our staff is made up of professionally trained teachers with at least a degree in the domain of education and they equally possess at least 5years of professional experience from prestigious national and international schools. Moreover, we undergo periodic in-service training in order to adapt to the evolving changes of the educational system.
  • Each learner benefits from the personal attention of their teachers given the limited number of 15 per classroom.
  • We welcome both national and international learners irrespective of their religious and cultural backgrounds. We provide special support for peculiar cases for pupils with difficulties.
  • We provide a multicultural environment that enables our learners to socialize themselves in the interwoven world in which they find themselves.