Nursery section

Kinder Garden

Our Nursery section is subdivided into four categories: Preschool, kinder1, kinder2, kinder3.

DAY CARE (Preschool)

Here we accept kids between the age range of 8months to 2years old.


This program is for young learners between the ages of 2 – 3years. At this stage, they learn through a hands-on multi-sensory teaching approach. We incorporate the “Montessori” learning method whereby these young are expected to explore their immediate environment as it suits them.

School days are from Monday – Friday except public holidays.

Classes starts as from 7:30am to 1pm.


K2 continues in same manner like K1 but with a stronger academic emphasis and focus. We design lessons in both subsystems on daily basis.


K3 prepares learners for primary school.